Welcome and hello! I'm Ame and zone over imagination is a personal website without any greater purpose besides being about a bunch of stuff that I like (mainly cats). It was created on a whim in October of 2022 because I already knew about neocities for over 2 years but I didn't care about it until one day when I thought "why not" and here we are.

What attracted me to neocities is that I'm tired of how the Internet and technology in general is today and I wished that everything was like how it was in the 00's. Now we have a smartphone with music player, camera and payment apps, everything is on social media (and you are forced to use even if you don't want it, to get a job as example), webdesign is too clean, websites are created to work on mobile, not on pcs and, forums are almost non existent since everyone is on Discord or Facebook. So in wanting to go back to when I was a kid and being on computer was fun I created this website.

In this site you can expect pages about cooking, cleaning, organising, cats, art, fashion, my favourite media and more. Most of the links on the left won't work for now but you can get the idea of what this site'll be about. Also I don't plan to add anything nsfw so it should be fine to people underage.

Thanks for your visit.

Update Log

28/01/23 - Added a guestbook, and fixed some other stuff. WIP in other pages now.

26/01/23 - Revamped my about me section, now with more stamps and some blinkies too!

25/01/23 - Tweaked the link directory page, now it has way more stuff (ノ・д・)ノ and added a separate page just for the neocities.

22/01/23 - Finally revamped my homepage in a way that I like, it isn't finished but it's ready to be uploaded on neocities.

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